• No More Lint!

    "I’m so glad I bought this unit. You have both method, electric or batteries. Complexly took off the fuss off my sofa. Highly recommend it." - Nathan G.

  • Wicked smart

    "Pleasantly surprised that the lint remover was able to clean up my sweater so much, it looks so much better now (See photo above sleeve is after using)! The package comes with two more blazes for a substitute which is very helpful. Would definitely recommend a friend getting it to refresh a sweater or wool product."- Janice G.

  • Works as it Should

    "Product works really well! I have used it on my pillows and couch so far. I wish this product came in a bigger size so I could cover more survive area at a time, but overall I love the final result after using this shaver!" -Alex P.

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